March 18, 2008

Craziest Week Ever

This week has rapidly turned into my craziest week yet as a graduate student. I'm absolutely overwhelmed. I'm to the point where I'm looking at my schedule for this week and wondering how the heck I'm supposed to do everything I'm supposed to do and be everywhere I'm supposed to be.

Between now and a week from Thursday, my time is essentially non-existent. After that, I plan on drinking heavily. Expect a drunken entry from me on the night of March 27 and not too much else between now and then unless something so incredibly interesting happens that I can't keep from writing about it. A plague, a nuclear explosion, or my decision to elope with Carmen Electra all might fill the bill on that score.

I've been doing a good deal of research on Cordyceps these last few days and what I'm learning is utterly fascinating. I have no time to write about all of it here, though, because I have to write a review of it all. What I wouldn't give for a psychic link to Joey Spatafora right now...

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