March 25, 2008

Jesus As Peeping Tom

Since today started with Satan, it might as well end with Jesus. This Daily Jesus is an odd one, though. Jesus appeared at the bedroom window of a Beaverton, Oregon woman who says that she is not a True Believer. Put off not even a little by the Peeping Messiah, she's selling the image in her window for a cool $10,000.

There's no word yet whether she plans to press charges against the Son O'God for creeping around her house to watch her in her undies.

Water Vapor Image Of Jesus Listed On eBay

A bedroom window of a Beaverton woman is up for auction on, KPTV in Beaverton reported.

Sharel Fox said water vapor appeared on her window four years ago and formed the image of Jesus Christ.

Now, she is selling her house, but before she does, she wants to remove the window in her bedroom.

Fox said she isn't a Christian, but the image appeared during a difficult time in her life. She said it helped her through, and now she hopes it will do the same for someone else.

"I would hope that somebody gets it who wants to put it out where other people can see it," Fox said. "The fact that this image has come into a non-Christian households says, 'You know what, it's OK that you're not Christian. I'm still there.'"

The $10,000 price, Fox said, will cover the cost to replace the window after it's removed. She said 4,000 people have viewed her online auction, but there still has not been a buyer...
I can't imagine why nobody would want to shell out ten grand for this Daily Jesus!

I wonder if anyone has ever added up all of the money that changed hands in the course of a year for things like this. There may be a whole underground economy in Daily Jesi. They seem to show up at least every two or three weeks and inevitably wind up on eBay.

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