April 01, 2008

Stein and Mathis To Begin Work on Expelled Sequel Starring Paris Hilton

Amazing. Their movie is receiving critical thumbs-down, showing are being postponed and canceled, and audiences can't even be paid to see the thing, yet Ben Stein and Mark Mathis are already announcing plans for a follow-up to Expelled, and now they've got celebrity-without-a-clue Paris Hilton on board as well. I guess their backers don't mind having money flushed down the crapper at enormous velocity. This time, though, they may have something that could actually cross over into the popular market. The announcement comes in the latest issue of the American Family Association's AFA Journal.

Expelled Follow-Up Will Feature Paris Hilton

SAN BERNADINO — Ben Stein and Mark Mathis have already produced one feature that promises to expose the evolutionist agenda to audiences around the world. Their first collaboration, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, has already got atheists like Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers fleeing for the shadows and film-goers at private screenings all over America more enlightened about the moral cancer of godless science than ever. They're not wasting a moment or momentum and today announced the beginning of work on a follow-up feature with the working title Expelled Again: The Atheist Nightmare. They've got more star power than ever for the upcoming documentary...

Hilton at the press conference"Premise Media is happy to announce that we've signed international superstar Paris Hilton to star in Expelled Again," said executive producer Mark Mathis, "We know that her involvement in this project will bring a new level of authority to our project, and Ben and I have found her a delight to work with..."

...Hilton found her way to God and gave her heart to Jesus last year while serving a brief sentence for a DUI conviction. "I want people to know that I was serious when I said that my life was going to be about service to my fellow man, and this is a great opportunity to do just that. I can't thank Mark and Ben enough..."

Ben Stein, a valedictorian of Yale Law School, and Mathis said that they had been encouraged by all of the positive publicity that their first Expelled film had generated. For the new effort, they've also recruited noted religious scholar and devout servant of Jesus Ray Comfort who, along with actor Kirk Cameron, has been hard at work on his own series of Way of the Master videos. Their own previous efforts have focused on using common experiences and common sense to underline how easy it is to discover evidence that contradicts the lies being spread by so-called scientists. Comfort's video "The Banana: The Atheist's Worst Nightmare" alone has received millions of hits on popular Internet service GodTube, a family-oriented response to pornography-laden sites like YouTube that encourage bestiality and advance the homosexual agenda...

"We're bringing God's banana back for Expelled Again," said Stein. "Dr. Comfort opened a lot of eyes by showing that a simple thing like a banana wouldn't even exist if it hadn't been intelligently designed to fit into the palm of your hand."

Mathis, nodding in agreement, added, "Audiences were impressed by a banana in Ray's hand. Wait until they see where it fits into Paris. We're going to change a lot of people's minds about evolution with this new film..."
I guess it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Hilton was probably a good choice for Ben Stein's next propaganda piece. After all, both of them have gotten famous mainly for their recent involvement with pornography. I'd make a crack about "strange bedfellows," but that would be far too easy.

In a related story, Hilton has been saying recently that she sees herself as a role model for girls. Ugh. Is there anyone out there who would be happy if their daughter thought that Paris Hilton was a good role model?

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