April 10, 2008

Worcester Wireless Weather Wonder

It's an amazingly beautiful day here in Worcester. Dare I say perfect? As close as one is likely to get, certainly. It is nearly 70 degree, sunny and with a good breeze, and far too nice to be stuck in my office. I am thus not to be found there at the moment, but am instead ensconced in a quiet spot outside the university library as I type this. I've spent the morning here hard at work on a research proposal that I've just sent off for review. Thank you, Jesus, for inventing wireless networking when the earth was created 4,307 years ago this week.

Alas, my time and battery life are both growing short. I am to have lunch with a candidate for a microbiology position, then I have a symbiosis seminar to attend, and then a couple of precious hours before teaching intro bio lab in which students will be dissecting a grasshopper and a rat today to learn more about open and closed circulatory systems. I most likely won't get done until after 8:30 or later. I'd rather be doing field work on a glorious day like today but I am, indeed, biology's bitch. There are worse things to be, though, and at least I've gotten to enjoy this fine Massachusetts morning wherein springtime has made its first boisterous appearance.

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