May 10, 2008

Gas Prices Rise: The Ghost of Norman Fell Keeps Winning

Having said my daily prayer to Norman Fell, I thought I'd take just a minute to mention that Mr. Roper's Ghost is still kicking the butt of Jehovah. In fact, the price of gas has jumped by 6¢ per gallon at some local gas stations. A barrel of crude is going for over $125 this morning and it seems unlikely that we're going to see prices come down anytime soon.

My solitary prayer to Norman Fell's ghost does appear to be having far more effect on this situation than all of the pray-ins lead by Rocky Twyman. Moreover, I'm sure there are more than one prayerful person out there invoking Christian-style divine intercession and I'm almost certainly the only person praying to Norman Fell, let alone praying for the price of gas to increase. I'll continue my supplications until May 27, as originally planned, but it seems clear to me at this point that prayer to Mr. Roper is at least as useful as prayer to Jehovah and/or Jesus in this situation.

Despite not getting a single comment yet in response to my challenge to believers to prove that Jesus has forgiven Ohio child molester Russell Back, Jr., I'll still invite comments from those same people on this issue. In particular, I'd like to hear from people who believe that prayer has an affect on empirical reality in things like healing the sick or changing a person's financial fortunes. Even better would be responses from those who, like Rocky Twyman, have been offering up supplications to reduce the price of gasoline. What do you think it means that the price still goes up?

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