May 01, 2008

So Far, The Ghost of Norman Fell is Winning

Holy Roper!After two days of being static, the price of gas went up again today. As of this morning, every gas station I've seen here has raised their price by approximately 2¢ per gallon. The ghost of Norman Fell is ahead in my experiment. Despite the pray-ins led by Rocky Twyman on both coasts involving multiple participants, my solitary (as far as I know) prayers to the Disembodied Spirit of Mr. Roper appear to be having a greater empirical effect. So far, the evidence (if we start from the assumption that praying to anything at all ever changes anything outside the mind of the supplicant) supports my Fell-is-stronger-than-Jehovah hypothesis. I will continue for the balance of the month, of course, and give Jehovah a chance to catch up. Perhaps he was busy with the day of sackcloth and ashes in Birmingham, AL or the Florida Prayer Network's demands for the passage of the "academic freedom" bill. An omnipotent being can only juggle so many demands at once, I'm sure.

Praise be to the Roper!

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