June 05, 2008

Deep-Down Crazies and the Demon-Haunted World

I stumbled across something today that just blew me away with its craziness. Granted, I've never been able to feel any sympathy for the Millennialist mindset, the strongly-held belief that the world is about to be purged of most of humanity at any moment for the benefit of true-believers. I don't live in a world haunted by giants from alternate realities and demons and angels. I'm firmly of the opinion that man's achievements and man's problems are man's, not supernatural entities hovering invisibly over our shoulders and waiting for some final confrontation.

Still, there are people who seem to spend a lot of their time hoping for massive destruction and pain and death. How does one live with such a morose view of the world?

The End is In Sight
By Ron Graham

In Matthew 24 Jesus gives a quick sketch of what the end times would look like, but He doesn't go into intricate detail. Everyone knows what wars are and rumors of wars. This isn't really a sign since earth has had wars and rumors of wars since time began. Later in this chapter He refers to the days of Noe (Noah). Again He just gives a sketch because everyone knew what He meant when referring to the days of Noe (Noah).Just before the Flood there was the almost complete corruption of the human genome by the fallen angels...
Mmmmm, I love the smell of blood libel of the whole human race in the morning. Smells like... ewwww. It's a silly thing when fanatics get hold of scientific terminology.
n Genesis chapter 6 we're given a very scary scenario. Somehow fallen angels (sons of God) co-habited with human women to create a complete hybrid race of super beings. They were known as the Nephilim and only Noah and his family were spared from this corruption from the seed of Satan...
A complete hybrid race of super beings; all of humanity, in this mythology, were super beings. Clark Kent is the anti-Christ, people!
Jesus being fully God is telling us that the end of the world will be in sight when these things (Matthew 24) begin to come to pass. So just what are we expected to see come to pass in these last days? We see man inventing new ways to create new life such as cloning. We see genetics being manipulated by scientists who have their own agendas. It was Satan that introduced his seed into the human genome in the days of Noah and it is Satan that is manipulating men's minds and actions in hopes of corrupting this current civilization. Just like in the times of Noah, just before the flood waters came...
Ah, the evil scientist hypothesis; we're out there "manipulating genetics" willy-nilly to suit "our own agenda" because Satan is manipulating our minds. But wait... if Satan is manipulating our minds, how can we have "our own agenda?" And if doing so will result in the purging of the world, then why would Satan be doing it, anyhow? You'd think the Prince of Darkness would be able to read Ron Graham's ravings and even the Book of Matthew and all of that. I know, I know, it doesn't have to make sense. Mythology has the luxury of being incoherent. Religious fantasy doesn't have to be rational; reason is the enemy of faith.
Civilization has now advanced to a place in time that just a few years ago would have been considered science fiction. Yet here we are living out our greatest fears. The demonic activity in this world is pervasive and easily noticeable by those with a discerning eye. Advancing civilization through gene manipulation to obtain a completely new species of human is quite frankly an abomination to God, and just as He did before the flood, God will put a stop to Satan's plans.

The reasoning behind these incredible feats of genetic manipulation is to provide us with ways to increase our life span (which it hasn't), to eliminate disease (which it hasn't), to give the humans on this planet a complete makeover so to speak (have you seen the human ear growing out of the mouse's back?)

Don't be fooled into believing Satan's demonic emissaries. Satan is here to supplant God's authority on earth and ring in his own creation, a creation of Nephilim...
Apparently, manipulating the genomes of crops in order to prevent diseases that wipe them out is "demonic." Investigating ways to eliminate heritable diseases is demonic, and it's just a ruse to cover the real agenda of creating super beings called Nephilim which, as we'll learn later, are 13 feet tall. Yeah, that's what we need; 13 foot tall super beings.

How exactly does growing an ear on the back of a mouse qualify as an effort to "make over" humanity, anyhow? The point of that experiment, as I recall, was to investigate techniques for growing tissue replacements for the maimed and diseased. Is Graham trying to say that part of science's nefarious plan is to breed a race of 13 foot tall superhumans with mice growing out of their ears? I don't think the NSF has a grant for that.
As we watch the world changing before our very eyes, Jesus' words come shinning through time and time again. The end of this secular world is quickly approaching...
Repent! The end is nigh! The internet has given a safe, dry home to those who would formerly have been forced to don sandwich boards in the streets in order to frighten the children. News flash for this particular crazy (although I know he won't read it and wouldn't accept it if he did): the world has been changing since the dawn of time, and human society has been changing since such a thing first came into the world. Change of any sprt scares the hell into these people, though, and it always will. The answer is always in the dim Bronze Age past; anything new is the work of Satan. What must that be like?
Believers should be watching with anticipation for the next sign. The Nephilim re-immerging could easily be that sign. It should be impossible to miss them. These evil hybrids were huge, standing over thirteen feet tall with immense strength. Those who believe the Bible's explanation of the Nephilim have no problem understanding the building of those great monumental structures we see around the globe that have scientists baffled as to their origin. Were extraterrestrials responsible for the pyramids at Giza, or Stonehenge, or any of the other unexplainable phenomenons all over this planet? Not extraterrestrials but intre-dimensional...
You heard it here, folks. Stonehenge was built by 13 foot tall superhuman hybrids from another dimension. Humans couldn't possibly have built the pyramids because... well... for some reason. It's much more believable that giant monsters from an alternate reality did it — if you're out of your mind. Mind you, even while waiting for the end of the world, people who believe in this nonsense are the same ones who want to set educational curricula. I bet Don McElroy agrees with a lot of this stuff.

Jesus, save me from the "intre-dimensional" 13 foot tall supermen!
People, the end is in sight. What that means is all the signs Jesus said were going to happen at the end just before His return have become quite evident right now.

Nothing more needs to happen before the Rapture of His Church. There's a number that needs to be reached, a final number to complete the Church. So the next person you witness to who turns their life over to Jesus may be that final number. Get busy!
This nutcase is not only gleefully anticipating the deaths of most of the human race, he's urging fellow believers to work hard to make it happen. According to this homicidal fantasy, all that needs to happen is for a certain number of people to convert to this particularly malevolent religion and then fire will rain from the skies and billions will be wiped out... but they're not really human, anyhow. Most of humanity, according to this author, are the result of "ungodly unions" and not people at all but superhuman 13-foot tall hybrids from another dimension who want to grow mice on their ears and build pyramids. It all makes sense now.

Honestly, I can't fathom what it must be like to live with a mentality that dehumanizes humanity to the point that one hopes it will be essentially wiped out. Not just to hope for it, but to work for it. Fundamentalists like to say that religion is necessary for morality, but to me it looks from articles like Graham's that it's role in this murderous psychology is to create a proxy that will do the dirty work of killing for the sake of the faithful. Instead of picking up an automatic weapon and firing on the "Nephilim" from some campus clock tower or flooding a subway with nerve gas, the Millennialist true-believer works to insure the creation of the conditions for the coming of a cosmic hitman.

People believe this stuff. This is what reality looks like to them. Can anyone explain how this doesn't qualify as a pathological condition?

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