June 04, 2008

Warp Factor Fabulous: Mr. Sulu is Gettin' Hitched

I hope that I will be forgiven for the rather cliched title of this entry, but I just couldn't resist.

I don't do celebrity gossip as a rule, but this is just a great story. George Takei, best known as Mr. Sulu from the original Star Trek series, is marrying his partner of 21 years, enabled by the California Supreme Court's recent ruling on that state's former same-sex marriage ban.

George Takei and partner plan to wed in September

Live long and prosperGeorge Takei, best known for playing Sulu on "Star Trek," will never forget the first time he saw Brad Altman, the man he plans to marry, more than two decades ago.

They were working out in a running club and he couldn't take his eyes off Altman, who had a "lean, tightly muscled" body, the 71-year-old actor told AP Radio in an interview.

Takei said he asked Altman to help him train for a marathon, they fell in love, and now they've been living together for 21 years.

Altman said he proposed by getting down on one knee in their kitchen while Takei was eating a sandwich after seeing on TV that the California Supreme Court had legalized same-sex marriage. It surprised Takei, who thought he would be the one who popped the question.

They bought each other turquoise and silver wedding rings.

Takei and Altman plan to marry Sept. 14 in the Democracy Forum at the Japanese National Museum in Los Angeles.

Walter Koenig, who played Chekov in "Star Trek," will be the best man and Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura, will be the matron of honor. Castmate Leonard Nimoy will be among the 200 guests, but probably not William Shatner...
These two have been together for a generation. Is that love? Commitment? Looks like it to me. Certainly no mere five year mission!

Of course there are moon-faced assassins of joy in America who would love to prevent George and Brad from tying the knot because in their tiny minds this relationship somehow threatens commitment. The rest of us, I'm sure, will join in wishing Mr. Sulu and his First Mate another generation's worth of happiness — together.

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