June 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Hyphoid Logic

This blog has turned one year old today. Time flies; it seems like only days since I left LiveJournal and bounced around a couple of similar "social network" sites before landing here. I was still in Tallahassee at that time. I'm a long way from there now, both in terms of geography and life in general. A lot has changed.

I still miss the raccoons; who wouldn't miss a face like this:

Thanks to the folks who read this little blog. I haven't exactly gone overboard trying to promote it, so I'm glad that you found it and have stuck around. It's a moderately successful endeavor that gets noticed by the big blogs every so often and that's just fine with me. The next year, as far as I know, will continue in the same vein as the last. I'll ponder this and that and someone will read and the world keeps spinning 'round.

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