June 12, 2008

Is It Over Yet? Better Not Be.

It's nearly 4:00 PM. Here in Central Massachusetts, the weather couldn't be better. Low 80's, great breeze, sunny... not a sign that the world is ending anywhere.

In fact, it had better not end or I'm going to be royally PO'd. I've been waiting forever to get sequences out of Bolitotherus cornutus. I spent this morning rehydrating oligonucleotides and dissecting the wing muscles out of two specimens. I got everything set up, went to the freezer room to get some liquid nitrogen... and we're out. I need to do my extraction with the stuff or else muscle tissue sticks to the mortar and I can never get it ground finely enough and so won't get the largest gob of genetic material possible, proteinase K or no.

I really had my heart set on at least getting started on this today. I'm told that someone will be here tomorrow to replenish the liquid nitrogen supply. Sometime. Probably.

Because of this, I am officially postponing the end of the world definitely. There will be no mass die-off of humanity until I have sequenced these beetles! Any deity that attempts to bring on the Apocalypse before that event will have to answer to me.

There are no accessions for divine beings on GenBank. If forced to, I will not hesitate to add the first one. You got me, gods, angels, demons and devils? I'm a frustrated lab rat. You do not want to mess with me.

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