June 28, 2008

Jesus Gets Stoned in Texas

Today certainly seems to be Texas Day at Hyphoid Logic, but I just can't help myself. I started the day off writing about exorcisms in the state, so why not start the evening off with a Daily Jesus from the Lone Star State?

Dallas Residents See Jesus In Granite Slab
by Carol Cavazos

Jesus stoned in Texas; photo by KTVTWorkers at a marble company in Dallas say they have a slab of natural granite that has the image of Jesus in it.

Verona Marble Company Inc. takes pictures of every slab of stone in their inventory and posts them on their website. Wednesday, the owners say a customer in West Texas spotted the image among dozens of pictures and called to tell them about it.

Those who look at the 6x10 foot slab say they can see the head and arms of Jesus, along with either a belt, sword or glowing book...
To me, that looks like the nozzle from a gas pump in his hand, not a sword or a book.

Hey, waitaminnit... do you think this is a sign that Jesus is at last acknowledging the deific superiority of Norman Fell? Has he finally taken the step that is new?

Hail Roper.  Hallelujah!Yes, I think so. The Holy Ghost of Norman Fell is so great, so very very huge, that it wasn't enough that he drove our price for gasoline over $4.00 per gallon. Even Christ is now feeling Fell's Divine Pain at the Pump. It's so bad that he has to get stoned before he fills up!

Take that, Rocky Twyman!

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