June 25, 2008

Jesus in a Florida Womb... or Is It the Next Pharaoh?

Last year's spate of Jesus sightings has slowed significantly but that doesn't mean that he and his family aren't still turning up in some truly out of the way places. Florida continues to be one of His favorite vacation spots, and so today's Daily Jesus comes to us from the womb of a Hialeah woman.

Hialeah Couple Sees Face Of Jesus In Sonogram

Alleged Jesus in a sonogram, courtesy NBC6.netIs it a simple sonogram or a holy sighting? For one Miami mother, the birth of baby Sabastian was a gift from God.

After suffering a recent miscarriage, Amy Janer was nerve-racked about her third pregnancy until she saw a 3D ultrasound at 32 weeks.

Janer said the face of Jesus can be seen, with the beard leaning against the baby.

For the expecting couple, it was more than comforting, it was assurance from above that they would have a smooth pregnancy. Janer gave birth to a healthy baby boy on June 11.

Janer said she and her husband are devout Catholics, but not fanatical. They wanted to share their story in hopes of strengthening the faith of others, she said.
Sonogram PharaohWhen I look at the part of the photo that's supposed to be the face of Jesus, I just don't see it. Instead, I see something that looks like an Egyptian pharaoh in profile. I've provided a side-by-side comparison here. Could it be that Sabastian Janer is destined to be the next god-king of Egypt? Time will tell. This also wouldn't be the first time a pharaoh has made his presence known. You might recall that King Ramses appeared in Pennsylvania last February.

The story itself bears all the hallmarks that these instances of very human face recognition, pareidolia, nearly always contain. A believer under some form of emotional strain first sees the alleged divine image and points it out to one or more other believers. Once the image is pointed out, those who see it tend to agree on the content of the image. The last common trait is that it winds up in a Daily Jesus article here on Hyphoid Logic.

In any case, congratulations to the Janers on being the privileged parents of the next divine king of Egypt. May he live a long and healthy life and build monuments and pyramids that will make we mere mortals tremble in awe.

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