June 29, 2008

LL Having Surgery: I May Not Sleep Tonight

I haven't mentioned it until now, but LL is back in Lebanon for the next few weeks. She's having elective surgery and is staying with her mother in Junieh to recuperate. I'll leave it to her to mention what she's having done, and she's already talked a bit on Girl-Geek Academic about the difference in the cost of medical care between the US and Lebanon. That may have a lot to do with Lebanon's economy being in far worse shambles than that of the US and its having an unimaginably high unemployment rate by American standards. The fact remains, however, that a procedure that costs about $5000 over there would have run in excess of $14,000 if she'd had it done here and because it's an elective (although preventative) surgery her insurance won't cover it. By having it done in Lebanon her family can come up with enough money to help her pay for it.

In any case, she goes under the knife at 4:00 AM East Coast US time (Lebanon is seven hours ahead). We didn't connect on Skype today so I haven't even had the chance to talk to her. It's a laparoscopic procedure that two of her cousins have already had performed by the same doctor. If it were almost anybody else having it done I probably wouldn't be quite as obsessed with it, but as it is I haven't been able to concentrate on anything today and am not likely to get much sleep tonight. I'll probably be in this state until I hear from her that everything went alright.

That should happen sometime late tomorrow, I would imagine (and hope).

Because she's having this surgery and recuperating in Junieh, she won't be here for the first anniversary of our move to Worcester on Friday. Time flies. She'll get back just in time for our anniversary on 7/25. That'll mark the start of our 13th year together.

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