July 16, 2008

Daily Jesus: The Brain-Freezing Jesus of Utah

You've got to wonder about this Daily Jesus from Utah. If you eat this flesh too fast, will you get a holy brain freeze? Either way, I’m sure this one is tastier than a cracker.

Jesus Spotted In Ice Cream?

Brain-freezin' JesusSalt Lake City, Utah -- Divinity in a dish of ice cream?

That's what some say they saw at a chocolate shop in, Salt Lake City. Customers say they spotted the image of Jesus Christ in the swirls of Spumoni ice cream.

Others say it resembles William Shakespeare. The owners say, whatever people see in the Spumoni, some sort of image is there.

Steve Hatch, chocolate shop owner: "My take on it is that it's probably a lot of a coincidence, and yes, it kind of does look like Jesus. But, I guess you can also say it look like William Shakespeare, or as my wife thinks, maybe one of the Beatles."

The owner also says they plan to keep it as it is for the next few days, and then maybe hold a party, and finally dig in.
Note that the attitude toward this Daily Jesus is a bit different from what’s usually seen. The owner of the chocolate shop isn’t taking this as a direct communication from Jehovah. He allows that not everyone sees Jesus here; some people see John Lennon or William Shakespeare. In other words, it’s only spumoni and in the end will be eaten like any other ice cream. Perhaps this is related to another atypical aspect of the story. Brain-freezing Jesus didn’t appear to someone who was attempting to deal with a major trauma. In most other Daily Jesus stories illness, death, drug abuse or some other major crisis is typically involved.

Will protesters will show up when it comes time to scoop up brain-freezing Jesus’ face?

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