July 21, 2008

Kansas State Board of Education Election: Time for the Creationist Assault to Begin Anew?

Today is the 83rd anniversary of the conviction of John Scopes of violating Tennessee's Butler Amendment by teaching students about evolution. The anniversary of the end of the Monkey Trial seems altogether too fitting a date on which to mention that State Board of Education Elections are coming up, and there's a possibility that proponents of mythology-as-science could once again gain a majority. Scott Rothschild has written an article about this in the Lawrence Journal World & News. Check it out.

My favorite passage from the article is about a wingnut and potential wingnut named Robert Meissner (potential) and Alan Detrich (full-blown), Republican candidates for a seat on the board from District 4:

...Republicans Alan Detrich of Lawrence and Robert Meissner of Topeka face each other in the Aug. 5 primary.

In 2004, Meissner almost won the same seat, while campaigning that he was willing to add intelligent design to science standards.

In response to a questionnaire from the Journal-World, Meissner wrote that he supported the teaching of evolution, but added, "As stated in the past, if the science community can come to a consensus as to the scientific credibility of alternative theories as to origin, then I would be open to, at least, discussing the possible inclusion of those scientifically credible theories."

Detrich is an artist who produces sculptures that combine religious and dinosaur themes. His Web site, www.spearofjesus.com, includes comments that say "evil-utionist=ape-iest=malarki-ologist..."
Oy vay.

Good luck, pro-reason Kansans!

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