July 22, 2008

Tycho at the Window

Tycho greeted the new day this morning by running to the window and bopping his head at the birds.

Tycho at the window
He's a month shy of his twelfth birthday and still very much alive. The death sentence passed upon him nearly nine months ago by Nancy O'Leary, DVM of the Worcester Dog and Cat Hospital and Bird Clinic hasn't proven correct. He's as healthy now as he's ever been. He's eating regularly and has plenty of energy. This is the lizard that wasn't going to survive until last Thanksgiving without a battery of expensive tests and surgery according to that clip-joint.

I wonder how many pets have been been unnecessarily euthanized in that place for no better reason than their owners couldn't afford to pay up on command. Whenever I pass by 347 Park Avenue, I have thoughts of bringing Tycho back there and telling off that lousy veterinarian, or of gluing fliers to the building that inform prospective clients of how Tycho and we were treated there. Those are just fantasies, though. I'll content myself in reality with informing people on the net.

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