July 20, 2008

LL Comes Home This Week

It's been a long month, but LL finally gets back from Lebanon this week, her new nose in tow. It looks great, by the way, and I've wanted to post a photo, but the quality from a screen capture on Skype leaves much to be desired.

Friday is our 12th anniversary. I don't know what we'll be doing to mark the occasion. I have to pay for renewal of my health insurance this week and that pretty well wipes out my bank account until my next stipend payment — which is on Friday, too, so maybe if I get paid early enough I can dash to the bank and have the check clear by dinner time. Maybe we'll go to Surya; I'd say Morocco, but I'm sure LL has had enough Lebanese food for awhile and would like something different.

Or maybe we should do something not involving food at all, come to think of it. Most of the live music in town on Friday night is happening at bars and restaurants, so I don't think that will work out. We could go see the Worcester Shakespeare Festival at Green Hills Park; they're performing A Midsummer Night's Dream and Twelfth Night on Friday evening. Or hey, look, there's a meat raffle at the Belfont in Millbury. What could be more romantic than trying to win meat? Don't answer that.

If I had an extra $200, we could learn how to make glass knobs. Maybe that's a little bit excessive, though. We could buy glass knobs at the hardware store for less than that, and once you've seen one knob you've pretty much seen them all.

We could go watch the Yankees play the Red Sox in high def at the Blackstone Valley Cinema if there are still tickets available. Of course, pulling for the Yankees might be dangerous around here. It's something to think about, though.

It'll be either Shakespeare or the Yankees, I'd wager.

Since LL and I were last on the same side of the planet, she's had all sorts of tune-up work done. She now has perfect teeth and a new nose and has dropped about 20 lbs. I'm still the same old me. It's a little intimidating, really.

If any local readers have suggestions about things LL and I could do for our anniversary that don't cost a lot of money (and I mean "a lot" as defined by graduate student standards), I'd love to see them.

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