July 24, 2008

Sacrilege Before Sleeping

I am very, very tired and despite an interesting conversation or two currently ongoing that I would very much like to continue, I really must get some sleep. LL's jet lag is proving a little bit contagious; the poor thing's inner clock is still set to Beirut time and since my schedule today has revolved entirely around hers, I think that my own timing may be located somewhere in the longitude of Mauritania right now.

Be that as it may, I can't let the day end without mentioning The Great Desecration undertaken today by PZ Myers. After sharpening up horns and pitchfork, twitching his barbed tail a few times and uttering the Lord's Prayer in amazingly flawless reversed Latin, he produced a tableau that included not only a magical cracker but also a copy of the Quran and one of Dawkins' The God Delusion thrown in for good measure. He accompanied this with quite a long and well-thought-out explanation of why he's done it. If you haven't seen all this by now, I strongly suggest that you check it out on Pharyngula.

I can't add anything to what he's written, of course. I can only say that if nobody had ever done this sort of thing and thereby demonstrated the impotence of supernaturalism, we might all well still be assiduously avoiding setting foot on the shadows of priests and having our governments chosen by divine right. As it is, reports indicate that Myers has neither burst into flame nor been transformed into a pillar of salt. Minnesota has not been wiped from the map. Bill Donohue has still not become sane. The world has not changed.

And now, six hours of unconsciousness.

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