July 25, 2008

Year 13 Begins

Today is LL and my anniversary. It marks the end of our twelfth year together and, more importantly, the beginning of our thirteenth.

LL in the jacuzzi at the Zaballah House Bed and Breakfast, Half Moon Bay, CA, December 2001
It's a daunting thing to write about. We've been through a lot together since 1996. Three states, a couple of universities, a couple of careers, wealth and poverty, illness and surgery... I could go on and on. Through all of it, LL has been there for me and that has lent me fortitude and energy to make some intimidating decisions, to take that extra bit of risk because I have had the confidence that no matter how things might come together or fall apart, there was at least this one amazing person, this bellydancing, fire-breathing, computer-hacking cultural anthropologist, who would still be there. Having her in my life has made all the difference.

After talking about the options, we've decided to mark the occasion by watching the Yankees vs. Red Sox game at the cinema tonight. As it's our anniversary and we're Yankees fans in Red Sox territory, we're going to dress appropriately for the occasion. LL survived the Lebanese Civil War; getting through tonight's outing should be a piece of cake. Maybe.

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