August 28, 2008

Amazing Things Fungi Can Do: Diverting a Plane

They can degrade chitin, clean up environmental toxins and make beer — but did you know that fungi can also change the course of a passenger jet? It happened on Monday. Mushrooms made a plane bound from Budapest to Dublin land in Frankfurt.

A bag of mushrooms grounds Ryanair flight

A Ryanair plane was forced to make an emergency landing – because of a bag of mushrooms... the mushrooms defrosted, juice seeped through the locker and dripped on to a passenger who suffered an allergic reaction...

The aircraft was diverted to Frankfurt-Hahn airport in Germany after the passenger complained of a swollen neck and started choking.

Doctors transferred the passenger to a nearby hospital and grounded the jet saying the mushrooms had contaminated the plane's air conditioning system...
Fungal terrorists were at work. I never did trust those Agaricus bisporus. Now we'll no doubt see generic profiling of fungi attempting to board planes and perfectly honest agarics will be unable to fly.

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