September 03, 2008

Obligatory McCain-Palin Update

I haven't said anything about John McCain's VP pick yet, and after having read and heard a number of sources across the political spectrum talking about the subject, I find myself without much to say on the matter.

Pain-McAilin' '08Puzzling it all together, Palin appears to be about as valuable in terms of political capital as Dan Quayle. In fact, whereas Quayle was an almost comedic figure — a sort of dumbed-down cartoon character — Palin brings the added baggage of a dictatorial management history in her time in public office. She's not only tremendously ignorant and essentially a primitivist, her history speaks of maleficence and a marked lack of concern for others. It's riddled with personal vendettas and bad decisions. If Dan Quayle, Scarface and Ted Nugent had a love child, it would be Sarah Palin.

This shouldn't be too surprising, though, because McCain reminds me not as much of the younger Bush as of the senior, although also with a vindictive nature. McCain also lacks vision and shows marked problems with being able to predict the impact of his own actions. I think the choice of Palin as running mate is nothing more than another example of yoga master McCain ramping up for his self-immolation sometime in the next month or so. At this point, I can almost hear the bomb whistling as it falls through the October sky.

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