September 03, 2008

Florida Expedition Starts Today

On June 30, 2007, I wrote what I thought would be the last entry I ever made from Florida. I was wrong about that.

In just over two hours, the shuttle van will be at my door to take me to Logan Airport. I should be in Tallahassee between 8:00 and 9:00 tonight after stopping over in Gainesville for dinner with CaSo. It's hard to believe it's been well over a year since I last saw her.

Only one detail remains unresolved at this point — net access. I have made repeated attempts to take care of this with the person at Florida State alleged to be in charge of such things, but two emails and one voicemail have gone unanswered. Tomorrow morning will be our first expedition to the field. After that, I'm going to show up at his office and take care of this. It's ridiculous that I've gotten no response after a week of trying to contact this person, even with the help of the professor at FSU whose lab is hosting myself and my fellow researcher. Even if there were some problem, some reason for a delay, a quick note or call even acknowledging my attempts would have been the professional thing to do.

The weather is looking relatively good for the next few days — barring the possible effects of Hurricane Hanna on Saturday. Even so, the models so far seem to have Hanna at most skirting the eastern coast of Florida quite a good distance from where I'll be working, so I don't expect more than a bit of rain and wind so long as the models don't change too much. If I should lose a day of work on Saturday, in any case, I've left the following Tuesday as an unscheduled "make-up day" and will simply do what I need to on that day instead.

Look out, polypores. Here I come.

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