November 23, 2008

LL Explains: Cloning Copernicus is a Bad Idea

LL got back from Tallahassee last night. One of the things I miss most when she's away is our morning conversation over coffee. She comes up with the most insightful things sometimes. Sometimes, I just have to write them down.

LL: If I get inspired and motivated today, I might put up the new curtains.
Me: Well, here's something inspiring. Did you hear that they found Copernicus?
LL:: I did! That's really cool.
Me:: Now that they've found him, they can bring him back. Maybe they'll clone him like they're talking about doing with the mammoth.
LL: If they brought Copernicus back, do you think he could get anything accomplished with the Internet?
Me: The Internet? Huh?
LL: They'd think he'd do all this great stuff with the Internet, but he'd probably wind up looking at porn all day.
Me: Ummm... well... maybe...
LL: He'd click on all the pop ups, too. He'd get viruses all over the net.
Me: So Copernicus would destroy the Internet?
LL: Yeah, and then everybody would hate him and I'd never finish my dissertation, too.

It all makes perfect sense.

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