November 20, 2008

Religion Does Not Make People Moral: Buddhist Edition

I know it may seem that I pick on Christians, Muslims and Hindus when it comes to finding examples of how religion doesn't make people more moral, even those who are supposed to be deeply and dedicatedly religious. I wouldn't want you to think I'm biased, though.

So I'm sure those who think I make a special effort to go after members of the three religions above will be relieved to see that Buddhism doesn't make people moral, either. Even Buddhist monks can be conniving, thieving bastards.

Cambodian monk charged with raping British woman

A 17-year-old Cambodian monk was charged with raping a British woman while taking her on a tour of a mountain cave near his Buddhist temple, a court official said Thursday...

He has confessed to police that he raped her...

The woman told police the monk had offered to serve as her tour guide on a visit to a cave near the Buddhist temple where he lived and, once there, he threatened to kill her if she resisted his attack, Mey Chhengly said.

The monk also allegedly stole $55 and a cell phone from the woman, he said...
You see, sociopathic, criminal sons of bitches come in all religious flavors. Did this young thug commit his crimes because he is a Buddhist? No. Neither did being a Buddhist monk stop him from committing them.

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